Honest Image Critiques

April 3, 2012By Stephen DesRoches

We live in a world that’s politically incorrect to be negative. In this world where we can do no wrong, you’ll often see complaints among photographers about how Facebook and Flickr, etc are a celebration of everyones work. It has the maximum encouragement because every single photo is the best and those that break that … Read More

Winter in Cavendish

February 19, 2012By Stephen DesRoches

The seasonal community of Cavendish located on the north shore is a primary entrance to PEI National Park. It will host tens of thousands of visitors during the summer but will also become completely boarded up and abandoned for the winter. Cavendish is home to the popular tourist attraction Anne of Green Gables. Visitors and … Read More

The Guiding Light

January 22, 2012By Stephen DesRoches

I need to be careful or this blog could easily turn into a save the lighthouse campaign. Last week I made a post about the upcoming deadline when several island lighthouses will be shut down. I followed that up with a post about Saving of the Brighton Beach Range Light. At that time, it was … Read More

Predicting Weather

January 14, 2012By Stephen DesRoches

Today was interesting. What started with very high wind warnings mixed with rain and snow fall followed by a night without electricity, the sky was looking dark and dull at 6 am. I made the mistake to stay home and watch what could have been the most dramatic sunrise of the year to date. Snooze … Read More

PEI National Park

January 9, 2012By Stephen DesRoches

2012 marks the 75th anniversary of the National Park System on Prince Edward Island and park officials are preparing for a year of celebrations. I believe the actual anniversary is in April so keep an eye on Parks and People for updates and events as we get closer to summer. Parks Canada has also has … Read More