Mid July Update

It has been a busy July of early mornings and late evenings which leaves little time for organizing and sharing new photos. The summer is quickly disappearing and the most I’ve done in the past couple weeks, has been to clear off the memory cards to make room for more.

It has been a warmer than usual July with several record breaking days of 30+ degrees, and often with a humidex of close to 40°C. We’re quick to complain but the weather reports jokingly remind us of the -30 degree temperatures in February.

Anchored Boat off Charlottetown, PEI

Today’s Image – Anchored Down

A calm and colourful (but bug filled) evening across the harbour (N 46 12.470 W 63 08.795) from Charlottetown showing a little bit of contrasting elements with the powered rowboat and the more luxurious yacht in the background.

The Impact of Light & Changing Weather

After spending a week in Las Vegas as part of the website support team for Essentials of Emergency Medicine, we (silverorange) went to Zion National Park for the weekend before flying back home. Several hours after hiking out to Canyon Overlook this afternoon, it still amazes me how quickly it went from solid white, can’t see anything, to clear blue skies with grand views. It could have been measured in minutes.

Part of what I remember from my previous visits to the National Parks in the Southwest is how quickly the weather and light changes. With photography, light is everything. And with outdoor nature photography, that light source is only what mother nature presents on any given day. It’s not Zion, but this next series of images shows Monument Valley over a 17 hour period last November.

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Reflect on Time

Iceland has a rich landscape made of fields, mountains, volcanos, lava fields, deserts, ash beaches, glaciers, snow, ice and waterfalls in every direction. The Iceland landscape has a little bit of everything and while I’m not ready to return home from a photographic point of view, I am eager to get back out on the coast of Prince Edward Island to experience the last half of the spring season.

But I will surely miss the 4 hour sunsets and 24 hours of light.

Sunset Reflections

Today’s Image – Reflections

The simplistic landscape of a clear water beach in Annandale, Prince Edward Island (N 46 16.136 W 62 26.806) and working the reflecting sky in the light water ripples.

Painting With Light

It has been many years since I last finished a painting using traditional mediums and I have a desk full of paints, inks, pens and brushes that now only collect dust. I’ve completely surrendered to the digital world but although I’ve stopped mixing paints, I still feel like I create images with a similar purpose routinely reminding myself artist first, photographer second.

Comparing the two can be interesting. If I was to frame the same scene and take the necessary time to paint only what was in front of me – what would I include and what would I not include? That mental reminder will keep you monitoring the frames edges before clicking away.

The majority of my work is not shot for clients. It’s not created for stock. And I am never thinking about sales. My goal is to create something visually attractive that might possibly look good as a print on my wall. How would this look as a 40 inch fine art piece on canvas?

If others enjoy it too, that’s all the more rewarding.

PEI National Park Rainbow at Covehead

Today’s Image – The End of the Rainbow

Tonight had a little bit of everything in the National Park near Covehead (N 46 25.797 W 63 08.490). A mix of good light, heavy storm clouds, a light rain followed up by a rainbow. I spend over an hour photographing this rock and with almost 100 frames to show for it, this was my selected keeper for angle and wave movement. I’ll keep the rest and revisit them some day.

Welcome to 2012

The older we get, the faster time starts to move and here we are already looking at a 2012 calendar. Best wishes in what ever adventures the new year will bring you. I know the list of tasks I want to accomplish this year is already fairly long.

Today started as a very grey and rainy day with no signs of any chance of sunlight through the thick overcast. With a few hours to kill before a meeting, I started driving out of town with the intentions of looking for locations when the weather was not so dull. What I was not expecting was the sky to completely open up after about 30 minutes of driving west of Summerside and by sunset – having 60 minutes of clear skies.

Today’s Image – Cape Egmont Lighthouse

This evening to kick start 2012 was particularly challenge with cold temperatures and wind gusts almost reaching 50km/h. Wind is for sure more difficult to shoot in then freezing temperatures. Add the salt water spray from the sea to a 25 second exposure in the wind and you get this oddly foggy image from a dirty lens. I still think it’s a keeper. The Lighthouse in Cape Egmont is located at N 46 24.107 W 64 08.002 and relatively easy to access via a single lane gravel road.