Lobster Trap Setting Day

May 2, 2012By Stephen DesRoches

Each spring on the last day of April, all of the fishing boats from the many harbours around the coastline parade out to sea to set their traps. Here on Prince Edward Island, we were a day late due to weather but starting at 5:30am on May 1st, hundreds of boats made their way out … Read More

Leading and Intersecting Lines

April 20, 2012By Stephen DesRoches

I am no expert at composing a perfectly framed image but I do know what I like and I think I know what works for me. This typically means identifying a subject and finding at least a few lines that will draw the attention into the frame and hold it there. Here I am in … Read More

Annual Photoblog Awards

January 20, 2012By Stephen DesRoches

First inspired by Noah Grey, Sam Javanrouh and David Nightingale, I retired my weblog and jumped on the photoblog bandwagon back in late 2005 and challenged myself to post a new photo every single day. The concept of a photoblog was simple. It was about the image and any text was secondary and often hidden … Read More