Kayaking on Prince Edward Island

March 20, 2014By Stephen DesRoches

Today was the first official day of spring and it arrived with howling winds, a little bit of snow in the morning and torrential rain into the evening. But the sunshine is coming and the boats will soon come out of hibernation. I don’t hate winter but I do look forward to getting back on … Read More

The Best Beach in Canada

July 19, 2013By Stephen DesRoches

Vacay.ca believes that answer is Basin Head, located (N 46 22.853 W 62 06.590) on the eastern end of Prince Edward Island, roughly a 1 hour and 15 minute drive from Charlottetown. This title of #1 has had the local media buzzing. Here is what Vacay had to say: For reasons scientists are still trying … Read More

Mid July Update

July 17, 2013By Stephen DesRoches

It has been a busy July of early mornings and late evenings which leaves little time for organizing and sharing new photos. The summer is quickly disappearing and the most I’ve done in the past couple weeks, has been to clear off the memory cards to make room for more. It has been a warmer … Read More

CBC Compass Story on the L.M. Montgomery Seashore

October 13, 2012By Stephen DesRoches

A few prints of some aerial work I did earlier this summer appeared in a CBC story about the L.M. Montgomery Seashore on September 14th. The media clip can be found here. The coastal land known as the L.M. Montgomery Seashore from Cape Tryon to the New London Bay.

Canola at the Springbrook Lookout

September 19, 2012By Stephen DesRoches

To call the lookout over the fields in Springbrook slightly famous would be an understatement. With the great dunes of the Cavendish Sand spit in the distant horizon, this view defines Prince Edward Island in so many ways but that’s no secret. At any given time, the roadside is filled with locals and tourists setup … Read More