Abstract Nature Photography

Uninspired by the location and time of day, I only carried a macro lens to this years Worldwide Photo Walk and spent the entire time looking for shapes in the fall colours. This image is something completely different compared to the rest of my portfolio but potentially the start of a new series after some much more needed practice. But I’d be kidding myself if I didn’t mention the work of Daniel Sroka Botanical Abstracts. I’ve been a long time fan of Daniel’s work and he was surely in the back of my mind.

Fall Leaf Abstract Changing Colors

Today’s Image – Changing of Seasons

The division of two seasonal colours as the leaf begins to curl and die. Consider this image an abstract illustration showing the process and transition of summer to fall.

Fall Colours

The fall season on Prince Edward Island is well under way and the leaves are quickly dieing, changing color and falling to the ground. Although this time of year leading up to winter is great for colors, the window of opportunity is limited to only a couple weeks. As I prepare for an extended photo trip off Island, I have been hoping to get at least a few images of autumn while I have the chance.

Today’s photo was made this past Sunday. If you follow me on Google +, Twitter, or Facebook – you may have seen the iPhone photo while I waited for clouds to fill in the top left.

Campbells Rd New Glasgow

Today’s Image – Bells Pond

A popular spot within the Islands Photo Clubs, Bells Pond (N 46 23.429 W 63 20.373) feels like an all too often visited location in New Glasgow but after 2 hours of hunting for fall colors, I finally gave up and headed to this familiar spot around 9am. It was a very windy morning with all kinds of motion. After several attempts (98 to be exact) on angles and the right amount of motion, the one I actually selected to share here happens to be the first. While I did try f16 and higher, this image was at f8 at 30s using a polarizer and a 10-stop ND.