The Many Options of Digital Publishing

Publishing can be easy. With nothing more than a copy of InDesign, independent authors can skip the entire print process saving time and money by exporting a digital file for instant download sales. In the self-published photography world, it feels like the PDF remains the popular choice for those not concerned about DRM. Selling a nicely designed PDF and calling it a book has become very common with the do-it-yourself educators.

Earlier this week a new publication came to my attention when I received a review copy of PHOTOGRAPH — a new quarterly magazine for creative photographers. It already has a running head start for success with a loyal audience to it’s publisher Craft & Vision.

But following that, surveys appeared on social media feeds asking for my preference between PDF and ePub, the sharing of an unfortunate story about Amazon DRM policies, a testing of Blurbs idea of a digital book, and yesterday, KelbyTraining releases their latest ebook as an iPad app. With so many possibilities for distribution, is there a right answer for everyone? And does it matter?

PHOTOGRAPH continues the popular trend of a flat turn-the-page PDF style document. Sure large magazine such as National Geographic are producing highly interactive magazines as iPad apps, but the ability to scroll and zoom in all directions to unlock information can be more confusing than helpful. Maybe even more frustrating than navigating DVD menus.

On the other hand, ePub is the complete opposite and designed for simplicity allowing the hardware to dictate presentation for the best optimal reading experience. It works beautifully for text heavy novels but begins to show it’s weaknesses with books made of only images and diagrams.

With a mixed library of my own containing all-of-the-above formats and also including the traditional and trusty real paper books, it’s hard to claim one file format better than the other. The format should really be decided by the content and how that author or photographer wishes their work to be displayed — even if that means National Geographic or KelbyTraining requiring their audience to own an iPad, NAPP requiring the use of Zinio, or Amazon requiring the use of a Kindle. The consumer will eventually decide which distribution will win as asset management becomes more and more complicated.

Fall Colours

The fall season on Prince Edward Island is well under way and the leaves are quickly dieing, changing color and falling to the ground. Although this time of year leading up to winter is great for colors, the window of opportunity is limited to only a couple weeks. As I prepare for an extended photo trip off Island, I have been hoping to get at least a few images of autumn while I have the chance.

Today’s photo was made this past Sunday. If you follow me on Google +, Twitter, or Facebook – you may have seen the iPhone photo while I waited for clouds to fill in the top left.

Campbells Rd New Glasgow

Today’s Image – Bells Pond

A popular spot within the Islands Photo Clubs, Bells Pond (N 46 23.429 W 63 20.373) feels like an all too often visited location in New Glasgow but after 2 hours of hunting for fall colors, I finally gave up and headed to this familiar spot around 9am. It was a very windy morning with all kinds of motion. After several attempts (98 to be exact) on angles and the right amount of motion, the one I actually selected to share here happens to be the first. While I did try f16 and higher, this image was at f8 at 30s using a polarizer and a 10-stop ND.