Canola at the Springbrook Lookout

To call the lookout over the fields in Springbrook slightly famous would be an understatement. With the great dunes of the Cavendish Sand spit in the distant horizon, this view defines Prince Edward Island in so many ways but that’s no secret. At any given time, the roadside is filled with locals and tourists setup to photograph this iconic scene that would even rival a bear jam in Jasper. Add that to the relatively new rotation of canola on PEI, and you build a recipe for yellow chasing photographers.

I made several visits this summer but found myself never alone. On a few occasions, I had to simply keep on driving to avoid the crowd. Although looking back at the situation now, my one regret was not taking a photo of the photographers line along the ditches.

This year was canola. Last year the field was unfarmed. The year before was potatoes. What colours and textures will the 2013 season bring?

On this particular night, I could see the storm clouds building to the west of Charlottetown. My ability to predict is terrible but ideally, you can position yourself on the edge of the cloud front with an opening behind you for the sun to illuminate the deep shadows typically found during heavy rain clouds. This night just happened to be in my favor and it happened to be Springbrook where I found my shot.

Springbrook PEI Storm

At this time the canola had already been cut down. The next few images show the difference from earlier in the summer.

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Past and Present Book Now Available

After several months of anticipation, I’m pleased to announce that in honour of the park’s 75th anniversary, PEI National Park, Parks and People Association and The Acorn Press released a new book this past Wednesday night to a full house at Dalvay-by-the-Sea National Historic Site — a 77 page picture-heavy book produced primarily with John Sylvester’s images from his 28 years of photographing the park.

During the creation of the book, I was approached by Parks & People and PEI National Park to participate in this anniversary publication with the inclusion of some of my own images which I easily agreed to.

Thanks to all who attended Wednesday night where both John and I were available for book signings. If I was a guessing man, I would not be surprised if we signed 100 or more books. It felt like a successful first day and I was pleasantly surprised just how many mentioned they were familiar with this website.

You can buy the book online for only $17.80 CND or pick it up at any Parks and People boutique / bookstore.

PEI National Park: Past and Present Book

Today’s Image – Prince Edward Island National Park: Past and Present

The following text is quoted from the introduction to Prince Edward Island National Park: Past and Present.

Prince Edward Island National Park has been welcoming vistors from around the world since it was first created in 1937. From the dramatic red sandstone cliffs and spectacular beaches in Cavendish to the pristine parabolic dunes in Greenwich, this small coastal park has captiavated the hearts of all who experience its serene and tranquil beauty.

Stretching for about 40 kilometres along the north shore of Prince Edward Island between New London and Tracadie bays and taking in the tip of the Greenwich peninsula in St. Peters Bay, the Park’s dynamic coastal landscape is constantly chaning as it is shaped by wind and waves.

This book aims to capture the essence of this special place, preserved and protected for you to return to again and again..

As an additional preview, here are a few of the images found in the book.

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Winter in Cavendish

The seasonal community of Cavendish located on the north shore is a primary entrance to PEI National Park. It will host tens of thousands of visitors during the summer but will also become completely boarded up and abandoned for the winter.

Cavendish is home to the popular tourist attraction Anne of Green Gables. Visitors and fans of Lucy Maud Montgomery travel from around the world to visit this house all summer long but very few walk these grounds in the middle of winter. The Green Gables Heritage Place is included in this years 75th anniversary celebrations of PEI National Park.

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World Wide Photo Walking on PEI

For the past 4 years, Scott Kelby has organized a World Wide Photo Walk – a simple social event where several people get together for a small period of time and make images along a predetermined route. What’s different here, is that Scott has managed to organize a walk to take place in over 1100 cities with 30,000 participants all on the same day. The first year, I was lucky enough to be in Vancouver during the date but since then, I have organized and led the PEI leg of the walk. (2011, 2010, 2009 / group photos)

Prince Edward Island National Park

Today’s Image – Cavendish Beach

With so many locations, it’s impossible for everyone to have perfect weather and unfortunately it was our turn to get the rain. The forecast was actually a heavy rain and high winds storm warning and 60mm of rain falling the day before. Despite this challenge, many walkers still attended this grey morning. I like my colors but due to a foggy and dull morning with little to no color in the sky – black and white it is. (N 46 29.962 W 63 23.376)