The Best Beach in Canada

July 19, 2013News, PEI believes that answer is Basin Head, located (N 46 22.853 W 62 06.590) on the eastern end of Prince Edward Island, roughly a 1 hour and 15 minute drive from Charlottetown. This title of #1 has had the local media buzzing. Here is what Vacay had to say: For reasons scientists are still trying … Read More

A Day to Remember

June 10, 2013Inspired, PEI

Appreciating traditional darkroom printing is something I have difficulty relating to. I have many albums of 4×6 prints from every event of my childhood but it was not art. Photography was this little box with a button, that you pressed 24 times, mailed away a funny looking negative strip, waited a few weeks, and a … Read More

Fun in the Sky – PEI Aerial Photography

July 10, 2012Aerial, PEI

I spend alot of time looking at maps. Either it be paper or software, I like having that overview visual of any location I’m photographing. In fact – When the software I use to keep my images organized announced all the newest and latest features – I was most excited for the ability to tag … Read More

Golden Sand

June 12, 2012PEI

The blue/yellow polarizing filter is something I rarely use but when I arrived at the beach and realized I had forgotten my standard neutral polarizer — that was as good of an excuse as any to add some color. Today’s Image – Golden Sand Sand ripples and reflections in Brackley Beach, PEI National Park.

Significant Changes

April 25, 2012PEI

I routinely visit Covehead in PEI National Park and I still can’t believe how much can and has changed from year to year. What once was a sand dune, is now a clear view out to sea. Today’s Image – New Stream at Covehead A year ago and this stream did not exist. The lake … Read More