Honest Image Critiques

April 3, 2012Awards, General, PEI

We live in a world that’s politically incorrect to be negative. In this world where we can do no wrong, you’ll often see complaints among photographers about how Facebook and Flickr, etc are a celebration of everyones work. It has the maximum encouragement because every single photo is the best and those that break that … Read More

Blogg.ie Finalist – Best Photography of a Weblog

February 26, 2012Awards, PEI

Announced tonight, Focused on Light is officially a runner-up finalist in the 12th Annual Weblog Awards (The 2012 Bloggies). Congratulations to The Pioneer Women for your 3rd win and thanks to all those that voted as well as the mysterious person that nominated this site. The increased traffic from the nomination was noticeable. If you’re … Read More

The 2012 Bloggies

February 2, 2012Awards, PEI

Welcome to the Twelfth Annual Weblog Awards. You may be asking yourself what the heck is a Bloggie? I kind of did too. It’s no Webby but I remember 12 years ago when the Bloggie awards were first introduced. A fun little competition that actually received a fair bit of attention. Fast forward to 2012 … Read More

Annual Photoblog Awards

January 20, 2012Awards

First inspired by Noah Grey, Sam Javanrouh and David Nightingale, I retired my weblog and jumped on the photoblog bandwagon back in late 2005 and challenged myself to post a new photo every single day. The concept of a photoblog was simple. It was about the image and any text was secondary and often hidden … Read More