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I do what I do, to see the world differently

“Can you imagine what we could make if we loved our photographs and the adventures of making them, more than we loved our gear?”

The photography community is clouded with gear reviews, competitions and very strong opinions on how things should be done. It can be at times exhausting, frustrating and maybe even repulsive.

Occasionally, videos like this are created that focus on the love of photography. Videos that are very much worth sharing.

It has been 5 years since I first met David, but I had the opportunity to cross paths with him again in-person twice this year. His authenticity makes his message super easy to endorse by reposting here on my own site.

If you’re a photographer, take 2 minutes and enjoy: “For the Love of the Photograph – I want to do this for the rest of my life.”


Hitech Filter Review : Something Changed for the Worse

I do my best to keep this a gear free blog but I have had several frustrations with filters over the past several years. And despite those frustrations, I continue to see positive reviews. If you’re not a photographer yourself, you can skip over this post.

I love to hate filters. A pain to use but sometimes necessary. If I must carry around a set of expensive glass and resin slides, they better be worth the effort.

The basis of this blog post is that I believe the brand Hitech has been inconsistent with their manufacturing. When I bought my first Cokin-P sized Hitech filter, I was quite happy with it. Then I added a second, third, forth, and fifth by late 2010. They all preformed very well, were all neutral, and I became a supporter of the cheaper more affordable brand. But that has all changed and I now feel guilty for recommending them.

Vignette is a real problem on wide lenses and to solve that, I needed bigger filters. Without hesitation, I ordered the same but larger Hitech filters. Shock was an understatement when they arrived with a strong magenta coating. Nobody from the customer service took the time to respond so I’ll make my own conclusions.

The real icying on the cake was when I broke one of my good filters. I reordered the same filter in spring-2012 and it too suffers from the same magenta curse. Same part number. Same camera store.

What did Formatt Hitech change and why? Are they better again because I’m starting to see more and more positive support for them.

After much hesitations, last night I press published on the oopoomoo blog asking a very simple questions. Are Hitech Filters Any Good? You can see the full review there.


Photographing Insects in Flight

For reasons I can’t explain, I set out earlier this summer with the goal of photographing a bee in flight. I suppose it was for the challenge. Although not perfect and has room for improvements, I think these first attempts are pretty good.

Bee in Flight



A New Island Highway is Born

The straightening of the Trans-Canada Highway from Bonshaw to New Haven has been nothing short of controversial, and in a few short weeks, will open to traffic.

As paving continues, here are some aerial views taken on a foggy Wednesday morning, August 21 2013.



Maintaining a Photoblog for 10 Years

I consider Sam Javanrouh one of the original photo bloggers and a friend whom I’ve never met. Back in the old days when a blog was still considered a Web Log, and the general public looked at you funny when you mentioned the word, the Toronto-based creative director launched a small website in 2003 to share his images with friends and family. Appropriately titled the Daily Dose of Imagery (ddoi). But the popularity of this website grew, achieving a life of it’s own, and I believe, helped define of the term photoblog.

Sam also gets credit (although he doesn’t know it) for indirectly helping me select my first camera and lens because the first SLR camera I bought was because that was what he was using. And I also suppose Sam receives some credit for my decision to rebrand my own weblog (at the time, very random) to a much more focused photoblog starting in January 2006.

Fast forward to 2013 and this past July 4th marked the Daily Dose of Imagery’s 10 year anniversary completing a decade of photography! With such an incredible dedication that is unmatched from any other website I know, I wanted to quickly talk with Sam about the past 10 years, his motivation to continue, and if we can expect to see more images in the future.