Bubbling Springs Trail - © Stephen DesRoches

First Day of 2015

Prince Edward Island - January 2015

Another year comes to an end and it’s hard not to wonder where the time went. It feels like each passing year picks up speed and disappears faster than the previous. All at the same pace my desire to do more increases. 2014 was a year without travel. A first…

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Canada Day with two synchronized shows on opposite sides of the city

Last Day of 2014

Prince Edward Island - December 2014

Twenty fourteen was a big year on Prince Edward Island. A year of celebrations to mark the 150th anniversary of the 1864 Charlottetown Conference — an event that eventually led to Canadian Confederation. This is far from a complete summary of a busy year of events, activities and festivals but…

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Charlottetown Winter Sunrise - © Stephen DesRoches

Snow Season

Gear - November 2014

Temperatures are dropping and the first true signs of winter and snow fall are showing in the forecast. The cold and frost covered windshield is not the best motivator to get out of a warm bed while it’s still dark outside and for many, the camera goes into hibernation until…

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Dettifoss, Iceland

Revisiting Old Images With a New Perspective

Travel, Workflow - November 2014

Unless I forget to remove the lens cap, I rarely delete and simply archive. I would like to believe that I’m a better photographer than I was 2 years ago. I see things differently and how I approach creating new images is forever changing. With all that file clutter just…

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Fall Colours

Degrees of Seperation

Reviews - October 2014

My social media efforts are average at best. And of the many options available, Facebook is where I still have my roots firmly planted. It’s both the most frustrating to use but still the one that offers the best connections. That’s partly my fault for never visiting the other networks…

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I’m Doing the Best I Can

Events, News - October 2014

Branded as the biggest thing David Suzuki has ever done, the Blue Dot Tour is quite likely David’s last cross-country project in one final effort to encourage change. Now 78, Suzuki’s message to his grandchildren is: “I’m doing the best I can”. On Sept 29th 2014, the tour stopped in…

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My Little Assistant

Personal - September 2014

Learning to work with less camera gear can be beneficial because my newest camera backpack giggles and pulls hair. She’s quick to let me know if I’ve been in the same place too long but failed to mention that I was still at 3200iso from the event I photographed the…

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My Biggest Weakness

Gear, Prince Edward Island - September 2014

I believe that one of my biggest weakness is a lack of patience for gear. Like many others, I lust over that new shiny piece of plastic, but my desire to add more tools is simply wishful thinking. If I’m being truly honest with myself, I still only use the…

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Too Many Sharing Platforms

Prince Edward Island - August 2014

It’s easy to judge the interest level of social sharing sites relative to those who are already using it. Starting over with a new service is boring if you are in the room all alone. It’s a reason why Facebook and Twitter has staying power. But over time, seeing what…

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