April 28, 2013Gear, USA

Late last week, it was asked in a group forum what was everyone’s “must have” photographic piece of equipment (excluding the camera itself). While I understand the bases of what was being asked, I was too focused on the words because “must have” is very different than “nice to have”. So I type this from … Read More

Hiking in Search of Lava on the Big Island of Hawai’i :: Part 1

December 14, 2012USA

After almost 2 weeks exploring the Hawai’i islands, it was time to finish the adventure on the Big Island with only one goal in mind – the active volcano. Created when 5 volcanoes erupted and overlapped each other, several lava trails are visible when looking at the Big Island on Google maps. As a result, … Read More

The Impact of Light & Changing Weather

November 11, 2012USA

After spending a week in Las Vegas as part of the website support team for Essentials of Emergency Medicine, we (silverorange) went to Zion National Park for the weekend before flying back home. Several hours after hiking out to Canyon Overlook this afternoon, it still amazes me how quickly it went from solid white, can’t … Read More

Postcard from Kaua’i

October 18, 2012USA

For the past three weeks, I have been living seven timezones away exploring the state of Hawaii. Ignoring the recommendation to slow down, the decision was made to experience the four major islands in five days or less for each. While I have no regrets earning this high level of appreciation on how each island … Read More