Degrees of Seperation

October 25, 2014By Stephen DesRoches

My social media efforts are average at best. And of the many options available, Facebook is where I still have my roots firmly planted. It’s both the most frustrating to use but still the one that offers the best connections. That’s party my fault for never visiting the other networks but maybe also because Facebook … Read More

Hitech Filter Review : Something Changed for the Worse

December 5, 2013By Stephen DesRoches

I do my best to keep this a gear free blog but I have had several frustrations with filters over the past several years. And despite those frustrations, I continue to see positive reviews. If you’re not a photographer yourself, you can skip over this post. I love to hate filters. A pain to use … Read More

Blurb Book Review – Comparing Sizes and Papers

February 25, 2013By Stephen DesRoches

Blurb is the modern day photo album and gone are the days of plastic sleeves displaying boxes of 4×6 prints with hand written messages on the back. Blurb books are perfect for family, personal, memory and vacation books. But what about fine art? or what about for resale? I have a growing book collection from … Read More

The Many Options of Digital Publishing

October 31, 2012By Stephen DesRoches

Publishing can be easy. With nothing more than a copy of InDesign, independent authors can skip the entire print process saving time and money by exporting a digital file for instant download sales. In the self-published photography world, it feels like the PDF remains the popular choice for those not concerned about DRM. Selling a … Read More

Photographically Speaking

March 28, 2012By Stephen DesRoches

I’ve been slowly reading the latest book from David duChemin since Christmas (it’s been a busy year) and he never fails with his ability to start an internal discussion to critique ones work. The message is always well beyond the many how-to step-by-step guides and much more about aesthetics. His suggestions may not have clearly … Read More