A Photographer’s Guide to PEI

From an idea hatched over lunch in February 2011 – to now see this project in it’s final published status almost exactly 3 years later – it comes with great pride and excitement to make this announcement and release it to the world.

A Photographer’s Guide to Prince Edward Island is a 95 page ebook created by John Sylvester and myself from 30 years of experience photographing this island we call home. Prince Edward Island is a great place for the landscape photographer. It may be Canada’s smallest province, but there’s a remarkable diversity of scenery from it’s red cliffs, green fields and blue water.

Packed full of images, we designed this guide to take the reader on a visual tour of more than 40 of our favourite locations across Prince Edward Island. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, photographer or not, the contents of this ebook is our photographic tour for you, highlighting some of the most scenic stops from coast to coast.

It was a joy to work on this project together with John. I truly hope you’ll enjoy it as well.

Prince Edward Island Photography Guide eBook

Prince Edward Island Visitors Guide

Being busy is good but that often comes at the expense of keeping this blog updated. Here is a quick post with a few of my images that you’ll find in print this summer. Earlier this week, I received some of the 2013 marketing materials and was pleased to see some of my images making the cut. Here are a few scans of those pages – including the cover of the PEI National Park Visitors Guide.

2013 PEI National Park Visitors Guide

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The Best Kept Secret?

Lets not read too much into the title but it’s pretty exciting that I lead off the winter issue of Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine with a introduction-like article in the editors column. This quarterly column is designed to showcase lesser known photographers and I was delighted when the editor contacted me to ask if I would be interested in participating. How could I possibly say no?

Outdoor Photography Canada

Today’s Image – OPC Winter 2013 Issue

Available on newsstands until April 5th 2013, You can find the article in the editors “From Where I Sit” column on page 9. Below are the two images Roy Ramsay selected for his write up.

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I Have Much to Learn

Iceland was the first group tour I’ve ever been on. With a fixed itinerary, pre-defined locations, and a large group with a variety of interests – to say I was highly skeptical was an understatement. Regardless of my hesitation, it was hard to turn down the invitation and I really wanted to travel with those that invited me.

Now that I’m home and relatively pleased with a few of the images I brought home, it’s interesting and often amazing to see what the rest of the group saw and shot. With each new image, I found myself saying “Where was that?”, “Why did I not see it that way?”, or “#*$?, my image sucks compared to that one”.

The trip was a very fast paced packed itinerary with little time to rest (most of use slept in the van) and exhaustion was a battle by week two. At a time when I was completely uninspired to pick up the camera with several excuses of being too tired, the light or weather sucks, it’s mid-day and hot, there were other photographers out making great images that I had the opportunity and intentionally missed out on.

To close off this Icelandic Adventure, we as a group have assembled a PDF in the form of an eBook showcasing everyone’s favourite photographs.

Iceland eBook

Today’s Image – Two Weeks in Iceland PDF eBook

This 122 page PDF is designed to be a portfolio of our favourite images from 12 photographers that ventured off to Iceland for 2 weeks in the spring of 2012. Published by oopoomoo, you can download this free 36MB PDF to see the wide variety of images and the different photographic styles artists can produce, even though we were often standing side by side in front of the same scene in the same weather.

Past and Present Book Now Available

After several months of anticipation, I’m pleased to announce that in honour of the park’s 75th anniversary, PEI National Park, Parks and People Association and The Acorn Press released a new book this past Wednesday night to a full house at Dalvay-by-the-Sea National Historic Site — a 77 page picture-heavy book produced primarily with John Sylvester’s images from his 28 years of photographing the park.

During the creation of the book, I was approached by Parks & People and PEI National Park to participate in this anniversary publication with the inclusion of some of my own images which I easily agreed to.

Thanks to all who attended Wednesday night where both John and I were available for book signings. If I was a guessing man, I would not be surprised if we signed 100 or more books. It felt like a successful first day and I was pleasantly surprised just how many mentioned they were familiar with this website.

You can buy the book online for only $17.80 CND or pick it up at any Parks and People boutique / bookstore.

PEI National Park: Past and Present Book

Today’s Image – Prince Edward Island National Park: Past and Present

The following text is quoted from the introduction to Prince Edward Island National Park: Past and Present.

Prince Edward Island National Park has been welcoming vistors from around the world since it was first created in 1937. From the dramatic red sandstone cliffs and spectacular beaches in Cavendish to the pristine parabolic dunes in Greenwich, this small coastal park has captiavated the hearts of all who experience its serene and tranquil beauty.

Stretching for about 40 kilometres along the north shore of Prince Edward Island between New London and Tracadie bays and taking in the tip of the Greenwich peninsula in St. Peters Bay, the Park’s dynamic coastal landscape is constantly chaning as it is shaped by wind and waves.

This book aims to capture the essence of this special place, preserved and protected for you to return to again and again..

As an additional preview, here are a few of the images found in the book.

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