First Day of 2015

January 1, 2015PEI

Another year comes to an end and it’s hard not to wonder where the time went. It feels like each passing year picks up speed and disappears faster than the previous. All at the same pace my desire to do more increases. 2014 was a year without travel. A first for me in over 10 … Read More

Last Day of 2014

December 31, 2014PEI

Twenty fourteen was a big year on Prince Edward Island. A year of celebrations to mark the 150th anniversary of the 1864 Charlottetown Conference — an event that eventually led to Canadian Confederation. This is far from a complete summary of a busy year of events, activities and festivals but here are a few of … Read More

My Biggest Weakness

September 6, 2014Gear, PEI

I believe that one of my biggest weakness is a lack of patience for gear. Like many others, I lust over that new shiny piece of plastic, but my desire to add more tools is simply wishful thinking. If I’m being truly honest with myself, I still only use the first lens I purchased 8 … Read More

Too Many Sharing Platforms

August 14, 2014PEI

It’s easy to judge the interest level of social sharing sites relative to those who are already using it. Starting over with a new service is boring if you are in the room all alone. It’s a reason why Facebook and Twitter has staying power. But over time, seeing what your internet friends are doing … Read More

Looking With Purpose

August 7, 2014PEI

Landscape photography and traveling go hand in hand. We can’t help but dream while running towards the setting sun in exotic places looking for that magical moment that will become our pride and joy printed on paper. At best, this is an effort of hope and wishes based on pre-visualization and expectations. Before I became … Read More