Life is Shorter Than We Think

January 13, 2016By Stephen DesRoches

I’ve never met Paul Burwell but quite familiar with his photography, magazine articles and teaching. Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on Christmas Eve and gone less than a month later, it is so damn scary how quickly everything can change. It makes you question everything you do — but more importantly, what you do not do … Read More

My Little Assistant

September 23, 2014By Stephen DesRoches

Learning to work with less camera gear can be beneficial because my newest camera backpack giggles and pulls hair. She’s quick to let me know if I’ve been in the same place too long but failed to mention that I was still at 3200iso from the event I photographed the night before.

Mid Summer Update

August 3, 2014By Stephen DesRoches

There has been no shortage of projects to keep me busy this year but they are unfortunately all at the expense of keeping this website updated. It is August already but it has been an incredible past 7 months in every way.

Staying Active

March 9, 2014By Stephen DesRoches

If I’m not careful, my daily activity can easily fall into the pattern of waking up in the morning, becoming focused on the days tasks, and before I realize, it is 5 PM and I have hardly moved away from the computer screen all day. Last summer I started using a stand up desk which … Read More

2014 Year in Preview

January 7, 2014By Stephen DesRoches

It sounds too early to be doing a year in review for 2014 already but I’m already sure I now know where it’s going. Embracing the “Dad with a camera” to it’s full potential. Elsie Dawn, Jan 2nd, 8:09pm, 8.8lbs