Snow Season

November 25, 2014By Stephen DesRoches

Temperatures are dropping and the first true signs of winter and snow fall are showing in the forecast. The cold and frost covered windshield is not the best motivator to get out of a warm bed while it’s still dark outside and for many, the camera goes into hibernation until spring. Some of the best … Read More

My Biggest Weakness

September 6, 2014By Stephen DesRoches

I believe that one of my biggest weakness is a lack of patience for gear. Like many others, I lust over that new shiny piece of plastic, but my desire to add more tools is simply wishful thinking. If I’m being truly honest with myself, I still only use the first lens I purchased 8 … Read More

Hitech Filter Review : Something Changed for the Worse

December 5, 2013By Stephen DesRoches

I do my best to keep this a gear free blog but I have had several frustrations with filters over the past several years. And despite those frustrations, I continue to see positive reviews. If you’re not a photographer yourself, you can skip over this post. I love to hate filters. A pain to use … Read More


April 28, 2013By Stephen DesRoches

Late last week, it was asked in a group forum what was everyone’s “must have” photographic piece of equipment (excluding the camera itself). While I understand the bases of what was being asked, I was too focused on the words because “must have” is very different than “nice to have”. So I type this from … Read More

A Round Sprocket Cokin P173 Blue Yellow Filter

March 11, 2012By Stephen DesRoches

I originally shared this on the now retired How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies weblog but it has enough value to publish again. The following steps may help you better use Cokin’s Blue/Yellow Polarizing filter. If you are like me, you bought the Cokin P173 Polarizer and received it in a square plastic casing. You … Read More