Photographing Nature at Home

For the past two fall seasons, I have taken home – at random – a selection of leaves as they fell off the trees. After a year of life in a shoebox, they have become very brittle but have curled in some interesting ways that might make for some interesting photographs during the cold winter months. In an effort to do something now, instead of procrastinating for another year, Darwin & Sam challenged me to one of their oopoomoo projects.

So in 2014, I’m dusting off some unused macro equipment and trying something different.

Macro Tree Leaf - © Stephen DesRoches

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Abstract Nature Photography

Uninspired by the location and time of day, I only carried a macro lens to this years Worldwide Photo Walk and spent the entire time looking for shapes in the fall colours. This image is something completely different compared to the rest of my portfolio but potentially the start of a new series after some much more needed practice. But I’d be kidding myself if I didn’t mention the work of Daniel Sroka Botanical Abstracts. I’ve been a long time fan of Daniel’s work and he was surely in the back of my mind.

Fall Leaf Abstract Changing Colors

Today’s Image – Changing of Seasons

The division of two seasonal colours as the leaf begins to curl and die. Consider this image an abstract illustration showing the process and transition of summer to fall.