Flying with The Canadian Forces Snowbirds

September 9, 2015Aerial, Featured

I’m tied down and pinned to the seat. The engines are fired up. The glass canopy is coming down. We’re moving and taxiing out to the runway. I’m in jet 9 with all 8 in front. It’s time to fly. If you missed part 1 of this story, may I suggest reading that post first.

An Experience to Remember with the Canadian Forces

August 26, 2015Aerial

Over the past several years, photography has allowed me to experience many things that I otherwise might not have been able to. The ability to tell stories with the use of photographs is an often exciting and rewarding experience. This week, I did something that I’ve been dreaming of doing for a very long time. … Read More

Fun in the Sky – PEI Aerial Photography

July 10, 2012Aerial, PEI

I spend alot of time looking at maps. Either it be paper or software, I like having that overview visual of any location I’m photographing. In fact – When the software I use to keep my images organized announced all the newest and latest features – I was most excited for the ability to tag … Read More