Who is Focused on Light?

Focused on Light is about staying inspired and motivated to create with the balance of every day life. It’s about exploring the art and adventure of photography from a designer’s mind.

  • focused on light is a personal journal
  • focused on light is a place to share ideas
  • focused on light is a place to practice writing
  • focused on light is a blog about me
  • focused on light has no agenda
Stephen DesRoches

Hi. I’m Stephen DesRoches and Prince Edward Island, Canada is my home. I’m currently focused on:

  • Being a husband and a dad. I have a 3 year old daughter.
  • Being a designer at silverorange and working on education web-based products for the medical industry. Previously Firefox and Duolingo.
  • Being creative lead and designer for TinEye. A reverse image and photography search engine.
  • Being a photographer. My portfolio of images lives at stephendesroches.com
  • Being an amateur traveller. I’m in a plane as often as I can be.
  • Being a designer for the publisher oopoomoo. I’ve helped create more than 20 photography related ebooks.
  • Being a contributor at OFFBEAT. Education, Articles, Workshop leader.
  • Being an ambassador to my home province. I helped create the photographers guide to PEI.

The best way to become a better writer is to do more of it. The best way to learn and remember is to write about it. That’s what this website is about. It’s a whiteboard. It’s about me and what I find interesting. I started it in 2001 and it has been rebooted several times.

If you have feedback or suggestions, feel free to contact me. I’m also on Facebook and Instagram.

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