INDLANDSIS – Chapter One of In the Starlight with Paul Zizka

Ilulissat Icefjord

Ilulissat Icefjord

“INDLANDSIS is the first chapter of a long-term feature project ‘In the Starlight‘ showcasing the outstanding work of the Canadian photographer Paul Zizka.”.

Although I have nothing to do with the creation of this short film, I do have an emotional attachment to it having been there off camera for a portion of the filming. Having travelled with Paul to Greenland twice and Yukon once in the past year, his energy and enthusiasm for adventure is exhausting and a bit ridiculous. I wish I had even a quarter of it.

I saw some of the footage looking over their shoulders and have since been patiently anticipating the final cut. Mathieu Le Lay did not disappoint with this first instalment. I did not venture out onto the ice with Paul and Mathieu choosing to stay ‘on land’ near where the boat dropped our group off but this 7 minute short film very much reminds me and represents what Greenland is and how remote it can feel.

Almost 80km from the town of Ilulissat with broken radios next to a melting glacier, my time with Eqip Sermia was a top highlight of 2016.

Sun setting over Eqi.

Sun setting over Eqi.

Whale and Iceberg

Whale surfacing perfectly centered on a diamond shaped iceberg.

Mathieu Le Lay landing a Phantom aircraft from the back of a boat.

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