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I struggle with labels. Landscape photography can mean many things. It might be images of nature, images created outdoors, wilderness, adventure, travel, environmental… the list goes on but the more I try to define it, the more I believe I’m really just chasing and photographing weather.

Every few years, this old barn near a highway on Prince Edward Island sits nicely surrounded by a field of bright yellow canola and the deep green of potatoes. The window of opportunity is short before the yellow colours fade but it becomes a very popular spot. Think bear jam in Banff with cars lined alone the highway.

Canola Field in Summerfield, PEI

Canola Field in Summerfield, PEI.

For these few short weeks, my Facebook news feed becomes a stream of similar images – all from this location – all with a similar view. The reason most stop and the intended story of their images are – I’m guessing – all the same. The old barn in bright colours. However, if you were to look at all of these images together, the difference would then become the time of day combined with the weather conditions. Midday sun or dark rain clouds dominates the shared subject in common and the unique differences is what will define the mood and emotion.

Canola Field in Summerfield, PEI

Canola Field in Summerfield, PEI

I don’t subscribe to avoidance of cliche or it’s been done before. I’m more than willing to join the crowds and create images of this same scene. The point is difference. You’ll find me traveling in the direction of beautiful light and interesting skies. The decision of what to photograph will come later.

The two images in this article were created 10 hours apart. The first was around 8:30pm right after the sun set. The second was created around 6:30am the next morning.

This article was first published for the community at OFFBEAT.

Published in Prince Edward Island on August 2016

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