Time-Lapse Photography as Wall Art?


I was recently watching an incredible time-lapse film but while admiring how perfect it may be – the film still struggled to keep my attention. How can something so beautifully done lose my interest so quickly? Perhaps it’s related to my lack of interest for video slideshows. In a slideshow, some images will surely be amazing and you’ll want to spend more time with them. Others will be less interesting that you wish to skip over. The problem I have with slideshows is that all images are weighted the same and the editor decides how quickly you should view them. With this variety, you may not willing to move forward to the next image presented in front of you because your mind is still focused on trying to process that image 4 slides ago.

But the imagery in this film spaning over multiple season got me thinking. With the advancements of digital picture frames, how cool would it be to have a single time-lapse image hanging on the wall that would simulate a full year of a single well composed scene?

Consider a 365-day time-lapse image that is shortened into playing over a 7 day loop. It would be fast enough for the constant movement of weather but for every day on the wall, the image would play 52 days worth of activity equalling a sunset every 27 minutes. This image in your living room would display a new season 4 times a week giving you a winter image every Monday and summer every Thursday.

Published in General on February 2013

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  • Andy February 2013 at 11:30 am

    Love the idea.

    I had a similar thought not long after I had moved to PEI.
    It was borne out of missing home and the wonderful view from my parents house across the river Clyde on the west coast of Scotland.

    At first my thinking was more along the lines of a live webcam looking out across the river but then it progressed to a time lapse of a 24hr cycle a typical seasonal day.

    I thought how lovely it would be as I was leaving work in Charlottetown I would have a lovely image of dusk on the river etc as my desktop background for PC and Phone (or digital frame) to convey the view at that time back home.

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