Winter in Cavendish

The seasonal community of Cavendish located on the north shore is a primary entrance to PEI National Park. It will host tens of thousands of visitors during the summer but will also become completely boarded up and abandoned for the winter.

Cavendish is home to the popular tourist attraction Anne of Green Gables. Visitors and fans of Lucy Maud Montgomery travel from around the world to visit this house all summer long but very few walk these grounds in the middle of winter. The Green Gables Heritage Place is included in this years 75th anniversary celebrations of PEI National Park.

Cavendish is also the home to several family adventure parks. Here sits a quiet Cavendish amusement park under a blanket of snow waiting for the excitement of spring.

Tilt-a-Whirl and Cyclone

Published in Prince Edward Island on February 2012

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