Photography is Priceless

While good photography may be subjective – all photography is important. Every now and then a story is shared that touches on how important photography is. Please read and consider this powerful story.

While I tend to shy away from portraits or weddings, most types of photography can relate to this. My primary interest is documenting the natural world and it’s surprising how fast that changes. With today’s development demands for more land, our environmental problems with climate change and the natural progression of mother nature, the world we live in changes at a very rapid pace.

What is today was not what it was 10 years ago and is not what it will be 10 years from now.

Today’s Image – Erosion

If you ever visit the coast of Prince Edward Island, you’ll quickly find that no matter where you go, platforms of sandstone rock stand freely in the open waters. It’s hard to imagine that the coastline actually extended out that far at one time. In a few short years, these final remains will also be forever lost – but new ones will form as the process continues to shape this province.

It’s Important

To continue with the point of importance – my second photographic love is for events and sports. Another style of photography that often only allows for one chance. One could argue that a concert performance is not unique because the next will most likely be similar. However. This past summer I was working for Festivals & Events PEI covering the Cavendish Beach Music Festival and one of the most memorable performances for me that day was a very energetic performance by one particular band that had everyone on their feet. Nobody in that venue would have ever thought that the following morning, the base player would lose his life in a vehicle accident on the way home. The images made that evening would be of this individuals last performance.

Published in Prince Edward Island on January 2012

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